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Houses also can apply for a loan?

placed room is its Government for city by for planning of, and land development, reasons for demolition, however Government placed to those was demolition of people or tenant people for live, according to China of legal provides, placed room is need get property yihou to for trading of, dang got property yihou and usually of housing trading no any difference, was demolition people or tenant people live using of housing. According to the provisions of the law, housing transfer transaction need to acquire the housing property certificate before it can be, then transfer transactions and general housing without any distinction of place. Houses with some business houses have large difference, so do houses but also to loans to buy?

in China, houses want to transfer transactions must be made in the housing mortgage of the property after. Also, some banks even under houses, and decide whether to loan age. But the general banking provisions, housing mortgage period must be within 20 years; total housing area is greater than 50 square meters it; most stressed housing must have a certain degree of liquidity. Meanwhile, banks, also differ.

houses under the terms of the Bank is that the applicant is required to bring relevant information to the Bank or lending institutions go through the relevant formalities. Information and make sure you have the certificate, owner and spouse's identity card, the right people and rights of the spouse's account of this, marriage certificate (marriage license or certificate issued by the civil administration unmarried certificate) and proof of income, and so on. In addition, it wants to make loans through increased when applying for loans, applicants can provide his family the other property, for example, ownership and value of stock, so that they can increase lending rates.

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