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Why are mortgage rates did not fall but rose this year?

Shang a years bank regardless of is raised interest rates also is cut, but this year January 1, on and mortgage family for are will with of and increased interest or reduced interest, but 2012 after Bank two times cut has yihou, in room slave seems, should in 2013 began months supply the relative reduced only on, today, some purchase who on said, actually January of months for no reduced, even some also increased up has. What the hell is this thing?

loan interest rate cut isn't it?, why would the day before yesterday I received a bank information sheet, instead of monthly payments is the same as last year, according to the Bank's contract, the repayment period interest rate will be adjusted on January 1 of each year, implementation of the latest new rate.

cut interest rates twice last year, first home loan rate cuts in more than 5 years ago was 7.05% after the rate cut to 6.55% however, Mr Chen should be reduced, how could it like last year?

reporters contacted Chen, understand the things of its mortgage, contact to Mr CHAN for mortgage payments to the Bank, according to its staff, 1th start charging banks already implement a new interest rate, repayment day because everyone is different, so January would be settled sectional interest. Met Chen if there is such a situation, it can wait till next month, don't worry about it.




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