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Bank in order to expand their business making harassing phone calls, whether tort?

If all of a sudden you have received do not know number. Claims to be bank credit cards Insurance Center service calls, and started to sell you insurance-related business, rest assured that this is not a scam phone, this is just banking information in your hand to your business.

actually in bank credit sector of acquiescence Xia, credit card user often will received these similar phone, let people annoying be annoying, however Bank on this of claims does is, if to put an end to off this class phone, must user and Bank for contact for registration, Bank put so tough of attitude, industry professional people think, this a practices actually has constitute has civil Shang of infringement behavior,

said in Bank acquiescence zhixia, countless name credit card user has repeatedly received similar phone, Annoying annoying, but banks are given in this statement is: If you want to put an end to such calls, users need to contact Bank to register. For Bank of tough attitude, industry think, this a practices obviously constitute civil meaning Shang of infringement behavior, but as consumers weak, as overwhelming sex advantage of Bank party, customer hard can activist, a users posted complained, repeatedly was Bank marketing business harassment, are is said himself is make line of insurance service, and is torrent, understand of said has not need also torrent of forced marketing products, hanging off phone yihou, also will again playing came for harassment, even put its pulled black, Change the phone still will continue to call it is very depressing.

online a large number of complaints, Bank has not made any response, calling for some users who want to pin card for this will chill reply "sorry for the trouble, if you please via the ' direct message ' leaving the card number and contact information, we will contact you to arrange.


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