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House prices rising year after year, you're tired

workplace employment of pressure constantly increased, mortgage interest also in constantly growth, age constantly of increases, increasingly more of health boys female from $literal gradually of to 80 Hou, married buy room, improved life buy room, obviously people for buy room produced has fatigue of attitude, is has a House, really of on so difficult did? most basic of housing are to suffered with constantly rose of interest torn, author summary several experience, only for reference.

now social purchase crowd from $literal began steering has 80 Hou, most people are is University graduated has or just graduated, itself underfunded but and to has married health child of age, many people will parents sponsored, now most popular of Chew old Word also felt, but now increasingly more of 80 chew old family default has this vocabulary, also from side reflect out social of a form.

many people are is first times buy room, many people are is used to as married room, according to author himself of housing loan experience, buy room do not burden too heavy, first to for belongs to himself of space training out a belonging sense, appropriate of pressure can makes can efforts, work more has Shang dedicated, too bearing of burden more makes people pessimism, to training right of consumption concept, so small type of property often became has market Shang of mainstream.

buy room regardless of also is single also is married, young had to consider of is buy room Shi, traffic must better, whether who daily spent Shang 2.3 a hours car drive, for young work pressure itself on heavy, road far often makes people produced disgust sense, over time on cannot guarantee life quality has, so in purchase room Shi must to consider away from work locations probably in 20 minutes time, actually this main also is to varies from person to has.



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