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2013 many mortgage people

2013 for mortgage and car loan people for, has, has half of loan interest rate finally in this year lowered to has, this also on equivalent to himself of interest spending get has corresponding of reduced, monthly and can left a pen money to, mortgage family some consider is should ahead of for repayment, lest yihou loan interest rate and rose, consider himself of economic capacity, believes many people heart are has so a idea.

in 2012 years cut interest rates twice, cut its mortgage rates a 0.5% were adjusted, according to the Bank's practice, many citizens apply for mortgage, this year will be offloading repayment, greatly reduced.

cut, monthly repayment less has, some purchase who equivalent to put himself body of burden to unloading has down, Bank staff said, for yiqian loan Shi enjoy 70 percent offers of, according to at interest rate for 4.58%, however casually now drop interest rate has but also is more high, so 70 percent of do don't eager to ahead of repayment, addition part people also not can ahead of also mortgage of is some using matching principal and interest to for repayment of borrowing people, especially repayment has must of time, repayment to has in the late, No necessary in application ahead of repayment, matching principal and interest itself is early repayment pressure big, late repayment increasingly small has, interest natural is increasingly less, fundamental no meaning to do this ahead of repayment of thing to, also has last part of is those has commercial mind of people, if has better of financial, or business of channel, than put this pen money took to investment earned more of money, total than reimbursement interest to strong more has, certainly has ahead of repayment also need combined itself situation and set. Her family, also want to save part of the money from the emergence of unexpected things, such as money for a rainy day.





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