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Mortgage rates during the new year's day has not been adjusted

new loan rates mortgage after new year's day, when Fuzhou yesterday, Mr Chen is personally running the bank information of the latest mortgage rates, but unfortunately, due to new year's day holiday, banks have temporarily shut down a personal loan business, no one can say the latest commercial lending rates, banks are not for the latest interest rate announcement.

Chen Mr fancy has Fuzhou Jinan district Quebec Qi district of a is located in river bin Avenue of House, more than 100 more square meters of House altogether as long as 900,000, he intends to loan 600,000, he told reporter, if to matching principal and interest of repayment to is, loan 600,000 yuan, according to 7.05% of interest rate to for conversion, months for is 3300 Yuan, if according to 6.55% to is, monthly is 3198 Yuan, less also 102 Yuan each months, a years save is 1224 Yuan.

this morning, Mr Chen came to the gate of the China Construction Bank, staff inform personal loans have been finished, until after the new year's holidays to bank information, Chen ran a number of banks are the banks refused, Mr Chen in a hurry, what banks do not understand the latest policy when issued.

reporter call has ICBC of customer service phone, said to for personal mortgage interest rate for a information, the customer service personnel said, from 1th, began has began implementation has 6.55% interest rate policy, people's Bank of China of standard interest rate, last year implementation of 6.8% interest rate, now has significantly declined has, but in actual operation in the, because all area of reality, interest rate based will has raised waved with floating, Fuzhou of loan interest rate temporarily also not can check to, Only after new year's day in the news.


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