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Credit card is not activated, will also be a mandatory fee

credit cards are not activated without opening the card, no annual fee too? recently, Fuzhou, Chen Xinhua reflected in the Bank for a credit card, has not yet been activated will be charged the cost of 600, Mr Chen is a special card this card, so even if is not activated your membership fee. The xingke attendants are said.

after reporters after an investigation found that many residents thought the credit card will not be charged an annual fee, but not everyone thinks the case, some Bank launched co-brand card and Platinum card, even without opening the card, as will forcibly be charged an annual fee, cost, and so on.

law firm Attorney Lin said in Fuzhou, in fact this is already illegal, the CBRC has been informed as early as 2008 clearly shows that, as long as the cardholder does not explicitly authorize opening activated before, banks may not charge for this card in any form.

Chen Mr told, he has been are is think, credit card not open card on without paid years fee, Qian several months Bank of salesman find its do card of when, he on do has a Zhang, at himself also said because its open shop, to handle will do lines in 100,000 yuan above of, salesman also promised, but last card got hand only 10,000 yuan, himself also not too see of Shang this Zhang card, also on has been lost in side no using, salesman often call urged he open card, himself has been no to open.

"didn't thought Ah, didn't thought, Qian days in Bank handle loan of when found, himself altogether so has bad credit records, I of credit because this Zhang card by has effect, Chen Mr told, days Qian himself is has received Bank of Bill, but himself has been thought not open card on nothing improper thing, but second a months and received Bill and owes fee increasingly more, I had to run Bank asked, counter of and said they there processing but, need call to customer service for processing, But has not sold successfully. This matter has been dragged.

Bank staff said that every year does charge an annual fee for the card, because the card is special, just need to show they can have concessions card salesman will tell Mr Chen, Chen said, the salesman is certainly not told that he does not know.


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