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New year new hope, new year's housing market speculation

no one will ever be able to make the property market in accordance with the sense of running, of which there are too many variables, and prices change, policy change, rigid demand is changing, through 2012 after the miracle of low to high in the clouds, property market in 2013 and will bring us to imagine it?

buy limit order will stop, the tax will begin actually performing, home prices in the new year down or continue to rise, whether the loan interest rate will continue to increase, we told these events we need to take a guess, around these three will be the topic in the housing market next year.

review 2012

commercial housing turnover highest in two years, pay the price for a two-year low but the purchase of policies will be canceled next year?

purchase policy as more of a political factor since the implementation of the controversial, but the role of a clear cut housing prices are making, but the policy will not be canceled? when abolition became a hot topic on the market.

in 2012 the last month, the Government disclosed that the information is regulated said next year would be tight, and even the consolidation of market regulation and housing services jobs, land Ministry also made a series of policies to curb the King some of the sanctions on the market.

in urban and rural areas, the Minister of the Department of housing and urban-rural construction work, clearly explained, will identify the next year Mr laroia property tightening measures, implementation of the better regulation strategy, stressed the policy of real estate purchases, all cities of rising too fast, will adopt measures of accountability or interview related personnel.

restriction of policy effects, next year will be tougher for housing credit, tax further improve, other reasonable support to improve demand, 2013 market regulation was basically clear, regulation does not waver and consolidate policy and stabilize the market will be a top priority next year.


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