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Prepayment of the need

this year June, Bank series two times of pranayama, 5 years period above of by originally of benchmark interest rate from originally of 7.05% adjustment to has 6.5%, purchase people and Bank of loan General are is upper and lower has floating of, natural in next year also will will enjoy to adjustment, this for mortgage who for is a good message, but agreed is fixed interest rate of is on no what changes has, many room slave are understand, next year mortgage number will will reduced, natural interest also reduced has, so whether put year-end Award took to repayment will better does, This also will depends on at loan of when by signed of contract view, if agreed for next year pranayama, so also is more repayment of to of more accounting, if is by months pranayama so has no necessary in for repayment has,

guarantees company of Chen Yun said: has several situation Xia no necessary ahead of repayment, Qian years enjoy has 70 percent offers of people, itself has is 70 percent offers has, and has repayment so years has, fundamental didn't necessary application ahead of repayment, Ahead of repayment is to more charged 1-3 months of interest costs of, second species is loan short of people, since just with to paragraph on didn't necessary so urgent with also, since loan has and immediately repayment, not increased interest spending you, third species is is loan has also over half above of, principal has also of almost has, follow-up interest also no how many has, fundamental no necessary in application ahead of loan. Waste of time and money. Bank loans at the end of tense, correspond to the interest rates rise, if you don't need something immediately wants to borrow money, or while waiting for the next year to apply for loans when interest rates decline, but also some preferential policies for loans is now uneconomical.




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