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Real estate mortgage you should first assess their own ability

it is understood that many homeowners mortgage loans apply for a House, many people hope that the property market will be money out, but not all of them are able to smooth down the mortgage, many people apply for a mortgage loan of real estate, and you want to do a mortgage, refused by the Bank.

Fuzhou guarantees company of thought head to reporter introduced, many people to makes himself broken for of may down to minimum, guarantees company will for mortgage of items and applicants must of study, like second-hand many are is they not willing to as mortgage real of things, from risk angle Shang consider, General are only will to and 50% of assessment and loan of years cannot over 10 years, company also will for applicants of repayment capacity for study, like credit card and other of have late repayment, records Unit and income situation of understanding, as consideration of the mortgage, currently second-hand housing mortgage needs related to service charges, mortgage loans of 500,000 charging at around 4000, interest rates and bank interest rates are the same.

Fuzhou loan network tips, applicants should for itself of repayment of capacity and full assessment yihou itself has a end of in to application loan, for broken for has may will was housing recovered, some people prepared took more suite for mortgage, for sellers,, mortgage loan get more items Shi, some high of repayment are is note of, daily spending must balance, Ming of appeared has cash turnover not came, appeared crisis,.


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