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Preferential loans, to buy financial products

handle the mortgage needed to buy financial products? once regulators under the injunctions are almost extinct, yet recently, several members of the public encounter such things in a State-owned bank, and the report.

yesterday, members of the public told reporters Chen Linye, told recently let his annoyance thing, Chen said that as a result of November 2012 Jiang apartments bought in an auction, an area of 92 square meters, total 1.5 million, 500,000 down payment, loan amount is Provident Fund plan 500,000 business loan of 500,000. Xiao Chen, but gradually make housing cycle was near, waiting until January to deliver money, but otherwise happy thing. Were ready to run the mortgage later moved into the new House, but he didn't think yesterday found some banks ask about only after know, not simple to apply for a mortgage, you need to buy more than three years of wealth management products.

Customer Manager such said of, due to I is first suite, so business loan part interest rate can playing to 88 percent, but must reached a conditions, is must according to its loan lines of 15%--is 70,000 to 80,000 around to to purchase they by specified of financial products, however financial products must investment for three years above, annual is expected to returns can reached 5% around, but if only save has one years on ahead of took out, on is equal to default has, on not to interest.

Chen is very depressed, families buy a House is to find the money to buy, why do you specifically to buy financial products, this is a account manager requires a Bank, does it risk three years, Chen has been very difficult.

Xiao Chen, when the account manager also said, don't want to buy it doesn't matter, interest rates cannot be discounted, even if first suite is also able to perform in accordance with benchmark interest rates, but want to change one, because developers are told to this process, but can only help to journalists.

journalists know that in February 2012, the CBRC issued a bank mortgage cannot be attached unreasonable charging practice, under this Ordinance, Chen is still in negotiations with the banks.


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