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Property market at the end of the opening hot

near the end of the Fuzhou property market are not free, according to the relevant statistics reports that the December five districts have more than more than 30 market opening, of which there are many new appearance of buildings, some old disks also buy cars and other marketing activities.

"saving the few arriving a few" promotions, Hangzhou is no stranger to the property market. And a ref at the end of the main means of promotion while the Bank's mortgage business is not hot, but market opening is extremely strong. Many personal loan can only be dealt with next year.

After Fang Shu is informed by Hangzhou, Hangzhou public real estate has a new awareness of the many municipal housing authority Deputy Director Director of the construction Committee have Lok Ma, reporter to the Bureau to investigate, did this person have been suspended and is under investigation, may have a great Association and former Director of the construction Committee.

12th. Hangzhou, housing Secretary Lok news caused a widespread controversy of the masses, said the corruption, Deputy Secretary for the 200 million Yuan, and name properties reach more than 20 units, are in million units.

Central Bank Governor today published an article in international financial forums for the last part of the financial reform in China, said in a speech, China's financial reform has the following complementary, regional reform of financial product innovation and reform from the bottom to the surface one after another.

many people for strong policy implemented by the central top-down decision-making, such as major bank reform, regardless of the exchange rate or interest rate is taken to deal with the crisis-related reforms. But China's policy as a whole, can be seen from top to bottom, and never from the bottom up, through various local observations we can easily find, issuing instructions of superior to subordinate, subordinate can never provide any recommendations to superiors, in the actual process of China's reform, finance is from top to bottom, so many Governments, city governments are areas in need of reform.

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