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2013 market regulation is at a critical juncture

the recent period of time, generally warmer conditions in the real estate market, trading volume and price all have varying degrees of increase. However news of second-home loans will stop transferring out of the network, many of the concerns in the community. A real estate person whilst in the cause is in fact claimed on his Twitter, regulators are likely to have second homes in the study for first-tier cities stop message this message out, immediately triggered heated discussion. In just one day, Twitter has reached more than 1000 times the number of forwards.

However, industry insiders said: "recently, we have also been in the prediction and control upgrades for the housing market, even more. On mortgages have also recommended: three sets to stop further news; as the price increases to be, two sets there are tight spaces, such as down payments ranging from 60% to 70%, the annual interest rate from 1.1 times to 1.2 times. But I did not expect, and even two future might stop saying, "second stop" issue was pushed to the forefront.

Fuzhou loan network manager said, this probably is nothing but a rumor, but could not rule out some managers deliberately wind, which regulate the means of qiaoshanzhenhu coded signals, pushed up rates are subject to cool the city.

reaction in the market, "second stop" the so-called rumor is not crazy. After the second half of last year, China's property market had been warmed up: National Bureau of statistics data also shows that in December 2012, creating new housing price in 70 major cities rose 54, flat, 8; second-hand housing prices are rising, the city has 40, flat 9, continuing a rise since the June 2012 fell more and posture less. General view of the market, if prices rise too fast, market regulation may further raise.




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