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Prices are closely related to market

after a bombing last year, the retail industry hopes to recover some losses before and after the Spring Festival, but the face of buying, decline in consumer purchasing power and to a certain extent, consumer purchasing power decline, many in the industry say not too optimistic about Spring Festival sales.

reporters interviewed a random number of consumers said wages rose last year, but most of the salaries in the supply of mortgages or car loans, high prices, rise in oil prices, limited their consumption ability, was reluctant to go to the mall to spend big money to buy things.

actually we worried of is consumers level appeared some bad of trends, in Beijing a home head said, Mall actually also has do customer of statistics and analysis, however consumers of structure gradually to into has aging of industry, many young became constraints, cosmetics and clothing many are is young by love of consumption field, however real willing to in department store purchase of most are is middle-aged, young increasingly less.

located in the center of the store, said that for young people unable to buy houses nearby are also a big reason, the current Mall consumer unable to hungry, we discussed internal market in 2013, net profits at around 5% good.

seems to be reflected in the mall's traffic trends do not meet the above conclusions, however the information learned from the Hualian store is, after their statistics last year, passenger traffic increased by 25%, the reporter asked when the sales, they said, the Mall is leasing and management, specific circumstances, we have no way of knowing, but traffic does have so much.

influence your House a lot more than shopping malls, other industries are more or less affect loans net of Fuzhou's Manager said, is expected in 2013 prices may continue to rise, so early buyers have protection.


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