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Banking system is incorrect, how can the user

in 2013, China Everbright bank credit card is a humiliating disgrace, within one month, exposure around the media repeatedly in China Everbright Bank's complaints, customer credit should have been a stain, and even some on the blacklist, banks are also indifferent to user complaints, led many consumers to Everbright is very dissatisfied.

credit card prepayment, why leave credit blemishes, and don't owe you the money in the Bank, why my credit system black, also by credit card where, as of press time ago, Everbright's explanation was so vague.

according to Quanzhou of television reported said, Quanzhou public last year May handle of a pen consumption installment of business, payments Shi 1300 Yuan, but Charge Off day is 16th, last of repayment day is times months of 5th,, however public Chen miss in 5 good morning for repayment, but has been to 11th, are no recorded, money playing in has was not recorded, led to interest increased has more than 100 more Yuan, money although is small, but himself of credit records can buckle not up Ah. Chen believes that such responsibility does not, in itself, and should be the Bank's problems.

but customer service says, repayment time is on 16th, bills are to be settled on the 16th evening, repayment Bill did not come up, so Chen can't buckle is successful, Chen believes that when the card heard, banks never told this.





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