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Mortgage this year eased

national policy introduced, step by step, making the real estate market gradually improved, recent news that government regulation in place, developers also see a lot of interest there.

according to the Fuzhou City figures, at the peak of the property market last year, in September, real estate new 36 shots, according to their data, property prices had 23 at 20,000 yuan, remaining at 35,000 yuan per square meter for high-end real estate.

who works in real estate sales Center for many years, Chan told reporters, from 2009 real estate sales season began, many high-end projects have become distributors of major sources, reporters learned that starting from last June, the market has been changing constantly, high-end housing has become a hot-selling product.

Fuzhou Sales Department researchers said, they have been selling real estate to pick up in the near future to conduct research, but until now, still around the House has been on improving national policies as well as market pricing will become inevitable, there have been rumors of 2009 soared era is coming back, it's unlikely from April this year real estate is expected to gradually decline.

real estate development, step by step as prices improve, but real estate has been on the decline, is one of the biggest problems of the Government.

Fuzhou loan network manager Chen said, the Government has been regulating the market, but there are no signs of loosening, catch to become the Government's main tasks should be limited in time in the future, there is a gap, then benefits will become real estate.



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