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Fuzhou buy rather than rent

Mr Mao in Fuzhou, is a member in an ordinary white collar workers, work for the network company, monthly income can get more than 6,000 yuan, but lived for a long time every day five lives, often have to work overtime, in Fuzhou has been more than two years, to a his home in Fuzhou.

rents houses has always been with my colleagues Mr Mao, monthly pay 1500 per month, your room is facing South, better lighting, I bought a bookcase and the kinds of plants, make the room not so monotonous.

he told reporters that his collection of small items, including helmets, balls, Mr Mao said, in fact, wanted to buy a House, but Fuzhou houses are so expensive, I was afraid to lend money to depressed, helpless, said Mao.

in Fuzhou, like Mao, young people can't afford the mortgage there are many. Can not afford repayment pressures, like him who are minorities. Now 80, gradually began to face the problem to buy by the end, prices rose every year, many young people from their parents to help pay a down payment, pay the remaining mortgage slowly.

monthly wages, if you want to buy a House, directly affects the daily expenses, or renting is better.

current mortgage rates is around 7%, 20 in 100lai terms of repayment, repayment every month 5000, that is more than half of my monthly income, and can't afford. Little said they do cost and friends for dinner usually fill the spending, but if you bought a House, and friends for dinner to save, it is pathetic.



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