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2013 mortgage is higher than last year

high mortgage, mortgage leads second-hand house prices significantly higher, lump-sum payment in the purchase market is still relatively small, is applied to a large part of the financing or mortgage-home buyers in a way, depending on their personal circumstances, different types of loan products.

some loans, but the repayment ability of unstable people, revolving more audits in the housing itself, some people choose to mortgage the House to the Bank, and then provide a certain amount of access to Bank, mortgage on time according to the time of repayment, guarantee spent enough money on the line in his hand.

repayment ability is weak, income is not high, you can select a repayment longer, according to the maximum 30 years for their quantitative, home loans is typically 20-sharing still feel under pressure, can be extended, but this interest will also increase.

currently loan of total analogy more, but repayment way also can for select, this loan way compared for work income than lower of crowd, this loan way for lending funds of crowd, because this group people more has lending funds of money, so early repayment will more of more, for net loan, first put most of money also has, behind of pressure also increasingly small, increasingly easily.

threshold of mortgage and higher, suddenly found Bank renovation loan has increased, many owners want to decorate says, is raising the threshold of individual housing loans, credit from banks even the decoration even quietly raised, many bought houses and money decorating the owner said.


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