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2013 mortgage does not fall

mortgage rates began in September last year has been unable to 78 percent loan, you can continue to focus on understanding other loans, subject to change every month on the 3rd will usually change bank account manager Lin Min said.

Lin Ming-is a ordinary of white-collar, has in Fuzhou stay has 6 years has, hand Shang just has has is savings, wants to in Fuzhou home, but prices what is drop has also is didn't drop, everyone are has different of views, actually what drop has no, actually I also not understand, I also not professional people, but himself fancy of House on has been in rose Ah, last year early on didn't see lowered to had, can't, has, I wants to loan put House first to buy down.

lam ming said recently that time, banks cut interest rates, the newspaper said a 70 percent discount can be applied for, if this can apply to, for interest on repayments could save a lot of money, if 100wanlai evaluates more than 30 can be a difference of more than 40,000.

so Lin Ming-immediately to the Bank to understand the situation. Visited many banks did not find the interest rate to as low as 70 percent for some buyers of the first loan, monthly payments can be reduced, for the future will be able to increase the quality of life, is still very much like Lin Ming in Fuzhou.

Lin Ming-this attitude is understandable, but practically, Bank personal loan approval is more stringent, loans need to be head office gatekeeper. Of individuals where there is no way to adjust the interest rate, if interest rates are subject to change each month are generally in the third.




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